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Trucking and Me

Being a Trucker in the year 2017 and what it means to me. I am Tiny The CoalBucketOutLaw I was born on May 21st 1980 in the small town of Price UT . Where my family Decided to raise there family. Small town UT. born and raised small town life. I could never live in the  “City”.

I have small town living in my blood and love everyday in small town USA.  As I was growing up my dad was a local truck driver and that’s where I got my dream of becoming a trucker. Dad was and is my inspiration . He passed away in 2011 I miss him daily he was the glue to our family.

I’ve been driving since 2014 and still love every second of everyday. I’ve decided to try to venture into recruiting for the company i work for. I truly feel trucking is an adventure so I’ll stay in the industry in one way or another.

What will 2018 bring to my trucking way of life is the question. At least that is my question for now.

So what will you be doing in 2018?. Any idea any at all let me know and we can talk about it on one of my many platforms.

What do you think about my style of writing?. I’m always looking for incite of all kind’s . Anyway I hope you liked what I have written down…

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Hi I’m James aka Tiny I’m a father blogger and trucker

My Day Out Of Town Working

Well today was a maindain day to say the least. A lot of waisted time from beginning to end man if tomorrow is the same I might just blow a gasket. As for being out of town working I miss my wife and 3 beautiful girls just like every time I work out of town but I do what I do for them so life as it is ya feel me?. As for my persuite to living a Christ centered life it’s a never ending battle for me !!!!! Let me ask you something “how do you make an un-disciplined life into a disciplined life?.” I’d love to hear from you on this matter…. anyway that’s all for now I’m gonna lay down count my blessings and drift into dream land y’all have a blessed night…. Be back tomorrow…..

Today is mine and my
Wife’s 10 years of not
Killing one another lol

Hi I’m James aka Tiny I’m a father blogger and trucker


Sunday’s are one of my favorite days me and my 3 girl’s spend time at GODS house and its a pure joy I love love love spending time with my girl’s and GOD any chance I get since I work so much during the week…May I suggest spending every free minute with your family alway’s remember were not garenteed tomorrow.Tiny

Hi I’m James aka Tiny I’m a father blogger and trucker

Busy life and learning to manage it

Busy life most of us have one and a lot don’t know how to manage it. Everyone at one time or another has said there is not enough time in the day. One of the ways I try to utilize my time is by using a planner to track my hours. I suggest writting down everything you do and how many hours a day you do them, then decide which is most important and put them in order from most important to lease important to you. And take the hours in a day to figure out where you can make changes that will benifit you the most in your time managment. Busy people tend to use a calendar such as Google calendar if you dont have one you should get one. Check Me Out This is a free training site it is full of different trainings I even joined to learn new things. Busy life dosent have to be just that a busy life aslong as you learn to manage it . A bad managed life is better than not managing your life..And I am on the journey aswell so lets make our lives great together let me know if this helps you in anyway thanx Tiny

Hi I’m James aka Tiny I’m a father blogger and trucker

Learning to Blog

Blogging can feel overwhelming at times but you need to have the mind set of”never give up”I can do this!!! I know I can and will be one of the top Bloggers online!!!and shoot for the stars (Don’t ever let anyone shoot down YOUR dream’s)!!!!!

This of course is based on my journey to the Blogging World you should go check out my other Blogging site here and let me know what your thought’s are Id really appreciate it I believe in learning from others it helps us in our growth process I use the name Blogging Trucker so all my trucker friends can easily find me simply because having people on your side with new ventures makes it a lil’ easier to make the journey so to speak that and incite from an outsiders view is an awesome thing…

If you decide to venture into Blogging just relax breath and take it one day at a time and don’t be afraid to research, ask questions, and just get-r-done never look back and live in the moment. For regrets are only regrets if you never take that chance to do something new and exciting believe me that’s why I took this leap o faith so to speak.


Hi I’m James aka Tiny I’m a father blogger and trucker