My Day Out Of Town Working

Well today was a maindain day to say the least. A lot of waisted time from beginning to end man if tomorrow is the same I might just blow a gasket. As for being out of town working I miss my wife and 3 beautiful girls just like every time I work out of town but I do what I do for them so life as it is ya feel me?. As for my persuite to living a Christ centered life it’s a never ending battle for me !!!!! Let me ask you something “how do you make an un-disciplined life into a disciplined life?.” I’d love to hear from you on this matter…. anyway that’s all for now I’m gonna lay down count my blessings and drift into dream land y’all have a blessed night…. Be back tomorrow…..

Today is mine and my
Wife’s 10 years of not
Killing one another lol

Hi I’m James aka Tiny I’m a father blogger and trucker