Learning to Blog

Blogging can feel overwhelming at times but you need to have the mind set of”never give up”I can do this!!! I know I can and will be one of the top Bloggers online!!!and shoot for the stars (Don’t ever let anyone shoot down YOUR dream’s)!!!!!

This of course is based on my journey to the Blogging World you should go check out my other Blogging site here and let me know what your thought’s are Id really appreciate it I believe in learning from others it helps us in our growth process I use the name Blogging Trucker so all my trucker friends can easily find me simply because having people on your side with new ventures makes it a lil’ easier to make the journey so to speak that and incite from an outsiders view is an awesome thing…

If you decide to venture into Blogging just relax breath and take it one day at a time and don’t be afraid to research, ask questions, and just get-r-done never look back and live in the moment. For regrets are only regrets if you never take that chance to do something new and exciting believe me that’s why I took this leap o faith so to speak.


Hi I’m James aka Tiny I’m a father blogger and trucker